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vs Taki Game Online

vs Taki

Retribution comes unexpectedly. The music slaves are back in business. They will have to work hard to fight a truly loyal servant of the musical empire. You will have to compete with Taki, who constantly pours the quality of his musical talent. His skills are hard to beat. But worth a try, how your game will turn into a real rap epic. You can become a new legendary personality.

Your attempts to destroy the enemy with your musical abilities will surely be crowned with success, if you do not lose hope. The main thing in this battle is not to miss the arrows that will lead you to victory. Speed. Drive. Rap. Love. Betrayal. Uncover the entire story of the rap talent battle. Best try. Maximum care. Careful mastery of the art of rap boy. Long battles. A real war against the prisoners of rap taste. Be careful and attentive. Your opponent has already pricked up his ears.