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Sonic Exe FNF Game Online

Sonic Exe FNF

Now Sonic will race with you not only in the race, but also in the musical speed race. He is ready to fight with you in the most difficult rap compositions. He will try to overtake you even here. Get ready to hit him back. Cool Sonic Exe FNF attracts attention with high quality sound. Excellent graphics will not leave you on the sidelines. Compete with Sonic and show him who is in charge on this stage.

You will be the master of sounds if you can beat him. Your skills will be appreciated if you are not lazy and can hit the arrows in time. Your dream girl has already been waiting for your victories. Win her heart and become a rap master. Improve your skills and go into the abyss of heated musical passions. Winning has never been more desirable for a boyfriend. He finally got a chance to prove to the whole world that he deserves recognition.