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Lemon Demon

The exciting game that became popular within a couple months after the release date is on your screens on this site. It is the rhythm game that was released by an unknown developer on the famous platform. And the social media quickly made it popular with various videos, edits and walkthrough tutorials.

Friday Night Funkin has an interesting plot, unusual cartoon graphics and simple gameplay, which make it the perfect time killer. Let’s get a closer look at it here.

The 6 weeks of rap battles

Your journey begins when the average street boy named Boyfriend is going to meet his girlfriend’s father. A strict man, who was a popular rock star in the past, is against these relationships, so he starts a music competition to show you your place. After the fatal loss he starts asking different people to battle with you and win. And he even finds real monsters to beat you in this competition. So, first of all, you need to compete with the scary dad.

On the second level you will have to beat two strange boys who are probably the monsters too. Dissatisfied with the loss of his disciples, the frightening monster decides to fight with you itself. And that’s where you meet this terrifying creature.

The Lemon Demon and other characters

It is a huge and scary monster with a strange head and creepy smile. He is the only creature that sings english songs and is the strong opponent. To beat him and other enemies you need to show them your dexterity and rapidity. In Friday Night Funkin the main aim of every level is to win in the rap battle. Repeat after your enemy and press the necessary arrow key on your keyboard in time.

Pay attention to the line in the bottom of the screen to understand the situation during the competition. Every successful hit moves the line to the enemy’s side, and your misses get the opponent’s line closer to you. Try to always be in the leading position to make sure you win. The controls are easy – press the arrow keys and WASD combination on your keyboard.

Other personages are also unique and powerful. For example, you will meet Pico and discover the fact that he knows our hero. This is the exact reason why he chooses the battle to beat Boyfriend. And the mom of our girlfriend is also a strong woman. You meet her on the last levels and she shows you the real speed. And don’t forget about the final boss. The ending is unpredictable, you will even find Santa and save him. Discover the final yourself and spend time having fun.

The cool modes

The developer released the original code in addition to this fascinating game. In the result, many gamers received the opportunity to create custom modes for this product. So the Internet is full of different additional content for this project.

And here you are able to try the roblox option too. You get full access to the process of creating your own product on the base of this Friday Night Funkin. Make the coolest adversaries, add various songs and melodies, change the gameplay and enjoy the final result. Or try other works and pick the best option.

So, this latest version is already here, don’t miss the chance. Play it now and invite friends to try it together on this site.