Friday Night Funkin Games

Girlfriend Game Online


Looking for the perfect time killer with interesting plot and exciting gameplay? Then, this Friday Night Funkin Girlfriend version is for you. Save your girlfriend from her strict parents and different monsters and participate in the cool rap battle. Start now!

Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm product about a guy who wants to be together with his girl and will do anything to make that wish come true. But her rock star father isn’t the type of parent who supports the average boy to date his daughter. That’s why he challenged you to the music competition.

So in this game you need to beat him, other members of her family, a strange guy named Pico and different monsters that her dad asked to participate. They all are strong opponents and won’t let you win.

To play you need only 4 buttons on your keyboard – arrow keys. In every round you need to repeat after your enemy and press the right arrow key in time to sing your part of the song. Every successful hit brings you closer to the victory. You can see it on the line at the bottom of your screen.

The game has different difficulty levels, so you won’t get bored. Try the free mode to explore all levels and improve your skills before passing the final boss.

Also, Friday Night Funkin is a product that every person is able to change. The original code is available for all fans, so you are able to try different versions of this game and create yours. You can even change the main characters, including girlfriend and her family.

Play other people’s versions on this site and enjoy your leisure. Find new cool songs, interesting personages and other novelties that other people added to the process. Try Friday Night Funkin here for free and you will love it.