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Friday Night Funkin Whitty

The developer of this exciting game released not only the product but the original code of it too. And in the result you are able to enjoy different versions of it made by gamers all over the world. Moreover, you have the opportunity to make your own Friday Night Funkin version, using various instruments. Let’s look closer on the plot of this fascinating game.

Friday Night Funkin is the rhythm project with many interesting personages and well-written plot. And also, all players have the possibility to play on the special mode, where you explore weeks on different difficulty levels without moving by a plot. But first, let’s go pass the whole game and reach the thrilling ending.

The main character – Boyfriend, is going to battle in the music contest with his girlfriend’s dad, who wants to beat him and banish him from his daughter forever.. He is the rock star and doesn’t want our hero to go out with his daughter. And you are here to help the main hero win in this important and funny rap battle.

The personages here are all unique, because on some levels you will even meet monsters. And in this version there are custom creatures made by the users. For example, Whitty – the strange guy with the bomb head. He is a real rapper with a good sense of rhythm. Also, you will meet the original antagonists. The frightening lemon demon and his two small boys monsters are already here to beat you in this fight. And all characters names are unusual and describe what they are.

To win them you need to remember the mechanics of the game. Use the arrow keys to repeat after your enemy in time and do it during the whole song. It can go faster, so you need to show all your skills and reach the end.

Always check the line at the bottom to understand who is in lead at the moment. Don’t miss and you will succeed in passing the levels. Play now and enjoy your leisure. The Friday Night Funkin Whitty is the new fascinating version that you should try on this site right now.