Friday Night Funkin Games

Week 4 Game Online

Week 4

Are you ready to meet the frightening mom and beat her to win in the music battle? If your answer is yes, go and press the start button now to begin your Friday Night Funkin journey. Play this cool level on different difficulty modes and improve your skills.

You already know the story of this exciting game. The average guy just wants to go on a date with his girlfriend, but her family is against him. And her father – famous rock star, decides to arrange a music competition to show this poor boy his place.

You have no choice but to help this guy reach the victory. To complete this mission, you need to win all levels with different enemies there. You will meet all members of your girl family, other people who agreed to help the dad and even terrifying monsters. And here on week 4 the angry and scary mom appears in front of you.

To succeed in the game you need to repeat after your opponent and press the necessary arrow keys in time. Every level has various sets of songs that you need to sing in order to defeat your adversary. And because of the opportunity to change the original version, you are able to try different songs that fans added to the game.

Also, versions differ according to the art style and characters. Pass all levels to reach the ending or just try the Friday Night Funkin free mode. Meet various characters – original antagonists, like father, lemon demon, little monsters and Pico, and the custom personages, that are the good old heroes from different famous products.

Go and play it now – the exciting and funny adventures are waiting for you. Enjoy the process and spend time having fun.