Friday Night Funkin Games

Unblocked Game Online


Friday Night Funkin is the most unusual rhythm product where you need to battle in music competitions to get your girlfriend’s hand. Her family, different people and frightening monsters are on your way, but it won’t stop the rapper like you!

You play as a blue haired street boy that everybody calls Boyfriend. He wants to get her father’s approval of their relationships, but this scary man doesn’t like our hero.

As the rock star, he arranges the real music contest to beat him and get his daughter back. You need to help this boy pass all levels of this tough competition to let them be together. And this is the main aim in this exciting game. During the process you will meet different enemies with improved skills in singing. All levels are unblocked, so you are able to explore every week and meet all adversaries.

The mechanics of the game is simple, so even newbies are able to participate. All you need is your arrow keys or WASD buttons on your keyboard. Watch the arrows your opponents hit and press the same combination when it is the right time. Don’t miss, or else your enemy will beat you in the end.

After you beat your adversary, you will meet the new opponent that is stronger than the previous one. There are the whole 6 levels in the game and you need to complete them all to reach the final.

Your opponents are all well-written and interesting. The main enemy – our girlfriend’s dad, is the tall man in the suit with black hair and strict character. The monsters are different – the main creature is the creepy lemon head demon. He also has disciples – two boys that make dirty tricks to you.

You also meet the girlfriend’s mom and the strange guy Pico. But what if we say to you that you are able to create other enemies too? Yeah, the original code was released too, so you can make the new version yourself, adding songs, personages and levels.

So, explore other opportunities in this product too. Battle with all personages, win all competitions and get to the ending. After you pass all quests, you are able to try various difficulty modes. Spend time having fun!