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If you are a big fan of rhythm games, you probably heard about this popular product. It recently became the number one topic in the gamers community, so you need to try it too. And here on this site you have the full access to all versions of Friday Night Funkin. Start with this one and enjoy the variety of them here.

The main aim of this game is to win in the exciting music contest. Different people participated in this battle, and even monsters couldn’t pass by. And that’s all because of the strict father of your girlfriend. Yeah, you are the average boy that wants to be with his girlfriend, but her parents don’t approve of their relationships.

Her father is a famous rock star, so the only option he has is to challenge you to this music competition. He is a strong opponent, but he also has many friends and mystical creatures he is able to invite to beat you.

Pico is your opponent too. After the loss, her father decides to ask him to destroy you. But it turns out that he knows our hero, so he decides to arrange a second round of the rap battle and win him. All you need to know to succeed against him is the combination of buttons on your keyboard.

The arrow keys are your best friends in this hard fight. Watch your enemy and press necessary buttons in time to repeat their songs. Don’t miss – every successful hit of your adversary is the chance to beat you.

The line at the bottom of the screen will show you the progress and leading positions. And this cool game also has the explore mode, where you have the opportunity to try the various difficulty levels without moving by a plot.

Try yourself on the hardest level and improve your skills to defeat the powerful final boss and reach the shocking ending. You need good dexterity and speed to pass all 6 weeks, because your enemies are strong and skilled.

Friday Night Funkin is a trending product with interesting plot and cool gameplay. Go and test it with your friends here for free. Have fun!