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Friday Night Funkin Mom

You got the special mission – to receive the approval of your relationships with your girlfriend, and you need to complete it perfectly. Participate in the rap battle and win all your enemies to get your girl and go on a date together. Be ready, because her Dad – a popular rock star, is your strongest opponent here.

Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm product, so you need to show your speed and dexterity to reach the victory. Use arrow keys on your keyboard to play and move by a plot. So, the gameplay is easy – your enemies choose the arrows and sing the notes and you have to repeat after them when it’s your turn.

The game has different difficulty modes, so the speed of the song varies according to it and the level you pass. Friday Night Funkin consists of 6 levels with different antagonists and songs. And you have to beat all of them to win.

The code of this game is available for all players on the Internet, so you can find various additional content and make your own unique version. Here you can try the famous neo version. It makes the game futuristic by changing the graphics, the appearance of the characters and the songs. Play it to see yourself and enjoy the exciting process.

Friday Night Funkin also has the free mode where you can try all levels without the plot to train and improve your skills. Battle with all enemies. Our girlfriend’s mom will meet you on the last levels, she unites with her husband and makes dirty tricks to you.

Will you reach the victory here? Or the adversaries are too strong for you? Let’s find the answer right now! Press the start button and relish the time.