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Friday Night Funkin Mod

A new rhythm game that has many unique features and interesting gameplay is now available for all users. Friday Night Funkin got a lot of attention recently because all popular creators on different platforms, so you probably heard about it too. And on this site you have the possibility to enjoy this exciting game for free. So, let’s start the story.

Move by a plot or explore various levels

After you end the training, the game presents you two different options. First, you can try to move by a plot and reach the ending. If you decide to choose this variant, you will see the real story that happened to our hero. So, you play as a blue haired boy with the strange name – Boyfriend.

All he wants is a happy future with his girlfriend, but her angry dad is against these relationships. He challenged you to the rap battle, where the winner gets this popular girl. But this man is not a simple father – he is a rock star that knows everything about the music and good lyrics. Moreover, the game consists of 6 rounds, so when you beat the scary dad, his friends will come to his place.

The frightening Lemon Demon and his disciples are already here to beat you in this music contest. They are the strong opponents that will do everything to make you lose. And other people also have the same skills. Especially our girlfriend’s mother who appears on the last levels.

And in the final they will unite with the father to appear as a final boss in front of you. When you pass the whole game you can also enjoy the process without all these events and explore all weeks on different difficulty levels.

The Friday Night Funkin mod

The developer really pleased all fans with not only the game but the whole original code for it. It means that every gamer has the opportunity to create his own mod with various additional content. And you are able to make yours too. Using different instruments you can create the new levels, change the graphics and other parts of the process to make your own unique version.

Go and tell your friends, create your own versions or explore the creations of other players too. It is the perfect option to make your favorite product never end.

The controls are easy. Use your arrow keys and WASD to press the necessary button in time. Watch your enemies steps and repeat after them when it is your turn. Pay attention to the line at the bottom of the screen to check your progress during the round. Click the buttons correctly and move the line to the adversary’s part to win at the end of the song. Press the start button and enjoy your pastime on this site!