Friday Night Funkin Games

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Haven’t tried this exciting game yet? Well, this is the chance to fix this mistake and try the unique rhythm game with an interesting plot and simple gameplay. But Friday Night Funkin has other cool features too. Discover them too by playing it on this site.

The plot is about a guy named Boyfriend, his girlfriend and her strict dad. You need to beat her father, different people and monsters he invited, and even her mother to get the approval for your relationships. Friday Night Funkin is a music competition that was arranged by our girl’s father and has 6 levels with different adversaries.

They all are the best in singing, so you have to show all your skills and compete with the rock star, literal demons and the professional musicians. Also, you can explore the process in the free mode on various difficulty levels.

All you need for this battle is your arrow keys, speed and dexterity. When the game starts, you need to watch your enemy and his steps. Wait for your turn, repeat after them using the necessary arrow button and do it in time. Every successful hit gets you closer to the victory. Watch the line at the bottom to understand the situation during the round.

Pass all Friday Night Funkin levels and reach the ending. Meet Pico and discover what connects you and why he decided to battle with you. Also, Friday Night Funkin is the product that everyone can change. The original code was released by the developer, so all fans received the opportunity to make their own versions and enjoy other works too.

This fascinating product doesn’t have a high age requirement, difficult process and very realistic graphics, so all gamers can try it here. Get the full access and enjoy it now!