Friday Night Funkin Games

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This is the new version of the popular rhythm game with improved design, new personages and songs. Play as a new hero with a different appearance and improved singing skills.

Friday Night Funkin is a story about the boy that wants to get the approval of his relationships with the cute girl. Her family is against this couple and her dad – a rock star, arranges the competition. And not an average competition, but a music battle with different songs and singers.

He invites all members of his family, terrifying monsters and people that promise him they will beat the main hero and return his daughter back. But our boy is a cool street rapper, so the contest is going to be exciting.

To win in this game you need only 4 buttons on your keyboard – your arrow keys. Watch your enemies and repeat after them by pressing the necessary button in time. The more right hits you make, the closer you get to the victory. You can see your progress at the bottom of the screen on the line and control the situation during the round.

After the first level the enemies will change and you need to perform the different set of songs, so you won’t get bored during the process. And the shocking ending is the culmination of this story.

Friday Night Funkin was released with the code, so now you can enjoy this unique version on this site. The Hex Mod added many interesting features, so go and try them now!