Friday Night Funkin Games

Boyfriend Game Online


What to do if your girlfriend’s father doesn’t approve your relationships with his daughter? Of course, beat him in a rap battle! That’s the situation the main hero of Friday Night Funkin is in now, so you need to help him win all opponents in this music contest and return his girl. As a good boyfriend you can’t just give up and leave his lover, so prepare to show all your skills.

The game consists of levels with different enemies and songs. Your main aim is to repeat after your opponent to sing a song perfectly. Use your arrow keys or WASD combination on your keyboard to press the necessary button after your adversary. Remember about the time, because if you don’t do it in time, your enemy gets a chance to beat you.

The frightening Lemon Demon, your girl’s family and other monsters and people are on your way to the desired victory. The game is pretty simple, but you are able to try different difficulty levels to diversify the process. And after you pass the plot, you can try the free mode and explore the levels.

The developer of this exciting game published the code of it, so all fans got the opportunity to modify the original version. Here on this site you are able to try different additional content that was made by the gamers community, including the famous b-side mod.

They add new songs, characters and other cool features that you need to check up. Now you are able to meet not only the standard antagonists, but the new enemies with interesting and unique design and improved skills that will defeat you in one step. Go reach a final now!

Start this Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend version now and enjoy your pastime. This fascinating game is the perfect time killer, so go and try it now.