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Friday Night Funkin Among Us Mod

Try the cool combination of your two favorite games in one product. Friday Night Funkin was released with the original code, so all people received the opportunity to change it and add different additional content.

And here is the result of this work! The story behind this game is usual. The average boy wanted to go on a date with his girl, but her family wasn’t happy about it.

Moreover, to send the boy away, the girlfriend’s father challenged him to the music competition. First, our hero thought that this is not a problem for a street rapper like him, but turns out that her dad is a popular rock star. And to totally defeat you he invited other members of her family, various skilled people and the frightening monster.

All your opponents know how to sing and will try hard to beat you in this cool rap battle, so prepare yourself and go complete this tough mission.

So, how to play to beat them and win the contest? All you need is your arrow keys and the attention. Your opponents sing the parts of the song and you have to repeat after them. Use the arrow keys to press the right button and watch the time. You can’t miss because the round will be over.

Friday Night Funkin has 6 levels and different sets of songs, so you won’t get bored. And you are able to change the difficulty level, so you will improve your skills and prepare for the final boss.

Go try this cool among us mod here. It is available on pc and other devices. Good luck and reach the desired victory!