Friday Night Funkin Games

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Want to participate in a real street party with rap battles and cool music? Then, this cool game is totally for you. Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm product where you will compete with different singers for the right to be with your girlfriend. And the first round is starting right now!

They won’t let you get with your girlfriend that easy

In this game you are the average boy with the strange name – Boyfriend that has blue hair and big desire to become a couple with his girl. But there are many obstacles on your way. And first of all, you need to beat her father – the famous rock star, in the difficult rap battle. But on this level you won’t stop. In FNF you have many powerful opponents that all know how to sing.

So, when you beat her angry father, he asks his friends to help him in this fight. And he even appeals to mystical creatures and monsters. For example, your second adversaries will be two monster boys that have strange heads and scary attitudes. Then, you meet the creepy Lemon Demon with a frightening smile and blood around his head. The strange boy Pico also wants to beat you in this contest. And of course, the whole family of our lover also appears on the battlefield. Her mom is the strong adversary, and she will make different dirty tricks with her husband.

The mechanics of Friday Night Funkin

To enjoy this exciting game you need to remember a couple rules. On the screen you can see two sides – yours and your opponent’s. To win, pay attention to what arrows your enemy picks and repeat after them. Use your arrow keys and WASD buttons on the keyboard and pick the necessary direction in time. The FNF is the rhythm project, so everything depends on your dexterity and speed.

The second thing you need to know is the function of the special line at the bottom of the screen. It shows you who is in the lead at this moment. During the game your every hit will move you to the side of your enemy and vice versa. Pass all 6 levels to reach the shocking ending. Also, the creator of this project collected various songs that you are able to hear during the competition, including English texts too.

The developer of FNF also released the original code of this product, so all fans can make the unique additional content. In the result you have the opportunity to relish different versions of it, including multiplayer. And you also can create your own fascinating project. Invite your friends to try it together and decide who is the best rapper.

Reach the end and save your girlfriend from her terrifying family. Friday Night Funkin is waiting for all cool musicians that want to try themselves in tough and funny competitions. If you recognize yourself, press the start button right now!