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Meet the most popular rhythm game today that is now reaching all tops in this genre. And that’s not a surprise. Friday Night Funkin developers found the special recipe for the successful release.

They combined interesting plot, dynamic and simple gameplay and cool sound effects, so in the end they received the exciting game that quickly gained fans all over the world.

How to play? The mechanics of this game is simple. You need to pass 6 levels with different enemies that want to beat you in the rap battle, and reach the final boss. To complete this mission, you have to compete with them in the music competition. On the top of the screen you are able to see 4 arrows on your side and the same amount on your opponent’s part. Pay attention to the arrows that your adversaries pick and repeat after them.

To watch your progress, you have the special line in the bottom. It moves to your adversaries’ part every time you press the right arrow in time. In case of your loss, the enemy gets advantages in your battle. Use your arrow keys and WASD combination on your keyboard in time and win!

The plot and your adversaries. Friday Night Funkin game is full of different personages including the main characters. You take the role of an average guy rapper named Boyfriend with blue hair that has a girlfriend and wants to meet her parents to make their relationship official. But her whole family is against you and especially her father. Turns out that he is a rock star, so he decides to beat you in the competition for musicians. But on the first try he doesn’t stop.

If you beat him in the first level, he will ask different monsters and people to fight with you, and you have to confront everyone. Lemon demon, two little kids monsters, the strange guy and even our girlfriend’s mother will go against you. They switch between each other to make you try really hard to reach the victory. And the unexpected ending is waiting for you in the final of the Friday Night Funking.

Try this unique famous game on this site. Also, the developer released the original code of this product, so you have the opportunity to try various modes and even make your Friday Night Funkin version. Good luck and have fun!