Friday Night Funkin Games

Friday Night Funkin Game Online

If you are a real player, you probably know this popular site named newsgrounds. Among various indie games you can also find different pictures, audios and other works there. And recently the gamers community became interested in the new rhythm with cool cartoon graphics and interesting gameplay. Friday Night Funkin quickly became popular and gained a big fan base. And now on this site you get the free access to this exciting adventure too. Play now!

The interesting process

In the beginning of the game you take a role of a guy named Boyfriend. He wants to become a couple with the beautiful girl named Girlfriend, but turns out that this is not a simple mission. Her father, the rock-star, doesn’t approve of their relationships and decides to arrange a rap battle with the main hero.

Even after he loses, he doesn’t leave you alone and asks frightening monsters to help steal his daughter and beat you in this music competition. So, to make her father change his decision, you need to show all your skills and defeat all your enemies in tough competitions.

Every level is the new song competition between you and the monster. To win, pass all weeks and reach the end. On the screen you will see your character and your enemy in the different corners. Under your heads you can notice the same set of arrows for all participants.

To play, watch the arrows that are going from the bottom to the top and quickly click the necessary button on your keyboard. There is a line in the bottom of the screen that shows you your progress in a certain fight. Try to always take a lead to win in the end of the song.

The personages in the game

Friday Night Funkin is full of various personages, including real people and frightening monsters. The main hero has an average street look and blue hair. Girlfriend’s Dad is a rock musician in the past who was a real star in the community. She also has a scary Mom that will join your fight lately.

Also, in this game our personage will compete with two kids with strange heads. Creatures in this game differ according to their looks. The main monster – terrifying creature with lemon head and creepy smile will wait for you on the last levels. He is a strong enemy that sings english songs and makes you tremble in fear because of his appearance. The game has an unpredictable ending, so try to get to the final boss.

The unusual art style, process and plot made this product unique and fascinating. Friday Night Funking also has different modes that you are able to try on this site. Enjoy it on your pc here and have fun! Arrange a real street party!